9th Class Math Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board

If you are searching for the 9th Class Maths Pairing Scheme, then you are on the right website we have uploaded all subject’s class 9th matching plans from all the above. Students are advised that they should check the pairing scheme regularly and prepare accordingly. Students who plan to appear for the exams of the 9th class can find their choice subject scheme and prepare for the exam.9th Class Math Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board.


The Paper Scheme of Ninth Class Mathematics is provided here all students can check it if you want to download it then scroll down.

9th Class Math Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board




Chapter No. 11Chapter No. 21
Chapter No. 31Chapter No. 41
Chapter No. 51Chapter No. 61
Chapter No. 71Chapter No. 81
Chapter No. 91Chapter No. 101
Chapter No. 111Chapter No. 121
Chapter No. 130Chapter No. 141
Chapter No .150Chapter No.161
Chapter No.171


Q.2 Write Short Answers to any Six (6) Questions Marks:12

Chapter No. 12Chappter No. 22
Chapter No. 32Chapter No.52
Chapter No. 61

Q.3 Write Short Answers to any Six (6) Questions Marks:12

Chapter No. 61Chapter No. 072
Chapter No. 82Chapter No. 092
Chapter No. 101Chapter No. 111

Q.4 Write Short Answers to any Six (6) Questions Marks:12

Chapter No. 121Chapter No. 131
Chapter No. 141Chapter No.152
Chapter No. 162Chapter No. 172


Note: Attempt THREE Questions in all But question No. (9) is Compulsory MARKS:24

Q.5CHAPTER NO. 1(Exercise: 1.6)4
CHAPTER NO. 2(Exercise: 2.4 ,2.6)4
Q.6CHAPTER NO. 3(Exercise: 3.4)4
CHAPTER NO. 4(Exercise: 4.2,4.4)4
Q.7CHAPTER NO. 5(Exercise: 5.2)4
CHAPTER NO. 6(Exercise: 6.1,6.2)4
Q.8CHAPTER NO. 7(Exercise:7.1)4
CHAPTER NO. 17(Exercise:17.2)4
Q.9CHAPTER NO. 12(Theorem)8
CHAPTER NO. 16(Theorem)

پیپر سکیم ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنے کیلئے کلک کریں

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9th Class Math Pairing Scheme 2023

It is a platform provided by the officials of the board, which provides interconnection schemes for different subjects. It has been mentioned that candidates can access this platform online before the class 9th annual exams preparation. It makes it easier for them to prepare for the exams by shedding light on important topics. It is essential to understand the importance of all the subjects. The skills and knowledge obtained in each subject will help you attain higher scores in the examination. In order to score A + marks, you should keep updating yourself with the latest exam patterns and strategies suggested by us.

View online 9th Class Mathematics Paper Scheme

The board authorities have provided a platform for the students to access their pairing scheme online. This would enable the students to check whether they have a correct date set or not by using this website. Students can also get their results on time and get a scheme and other information. The ninth-grade math plan is designed to help students learn mathematics by pairing them with other students in the class. This plan is also helpful for those who want to improve their math skills.

Download the 9th Class Math Pairing Scheme

Download your paper scheme and prepare them to get high marks in the paper of the board exam. The 9th Class Math Pairing Scheme is a scheme designed to help students who are struggling with the subject of math. This way, the student who is good at math can help the struggling student. This scheme is a great way to help students who are getting good marks. The comment links are listed below, or you can search for them on our website. If you find any errors, please let us know we will reply shortly.

We know it’s been a long time since you last studied for your board exam, so we thought we would share some tips to help you study and prepare for the test. Important information regarding the annual exam is uploaded on this page. This page is all about your preparation for the annual matriculation exams.9th Class Math Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board.

Matric 9th Class Math Pairing Scheme

As a matric student, your aim is to get an excellent grade in the final exams. With our expertise and knowledge, we have prepared various matriculation paper schemes so that all candidates can find the study method as per their capability and aptitude. Get your notes ready to ace your exams. Stay tuned to this website for the latest updates regarding the preparation for the annual 9th exam 2023. To help the students, we have uploaded the latest schemes for each subject in all classes.

Mathematics Pairing Scheme Punjab Board

All private and regular students who are registered in these exams want to get an assessment of all subjects for the annual exam. The 9th Class Math Pairing Scheme has been designed to give students a short amount of time to prepare for each chapter. The practical component of each chapter is also included in this scheme so that students can learn both theory and practice. This will help them to be better prepared for their exams, and to understand the material more fully.9th Class Math Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board.

Paper Pattern Mathematics 9th Class

The paper scheme makes it easy for the students to prepare for the exams. We also designed a document for you that contains all the topics related to Maths and books with essential resources, topics that we would cover in class, important concepts, and schemes for solving maths problems. This is a great paper scheme to cover the important topics of Math.

Objective Type:Information
Total Marks15
Time Allowed20 Mnt
Total MCQs15
1 MCQ’S NoEach MCQ’S 1 of Mark
Subjective Type:Information
Total Marks60
Total Questions6
Time Allowed02:10 mint
1 Question NoAttempt 5 Short Question out of 8 having 10 mark
9th Class Pairing Scheme All Subject (Science group)
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