9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards 2024

A student can get complete information on the key objectives and syllabus for appearing in their respective classes before administering the examinations. The education department has released a notification for the same on their website. The notice includes the objectives and syllabus for each class. The students are advised to go through the same thoroughly so that they can be well-prepared for their examinations.9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards 2024.


The Paper Scheme of Ninth Class URDU is provided here all students can check it if you want to download it then scroll down.

Urdu Paper Scheme 9th Class 2024

9th Class Urdu Paper Scheme is Given Below

Q.1: MCQ’S = 15 Marks

  • Hissa Nasar =7 Mcq’s
  • Hisaa Nazam = 2 Mcq’s
  • Hissa Ghazal = 1 Mcq’s
  • Urdu Grammer = 5 Mcq’s

Q.2: Ashaar ki Tashreh Krein =10 Marks

  • 4 Ashaar from hissa Nazam and students have to explain 3 ashaar each having 2 Marks
  • 3 Ashaar from hissa Ghazal and students have to explain 2 ashaar each having 2 Marks
  • Tshreeh Should be around the Half page.

Q.3 : Paragraph ki Tashree from Hissa Nasar

  • 2 paragraphs from the books are given and the students have to explain all the 2 paragraphs. There is No Choice.
  • Name of Author =0.5 Marks
  • Title of the Lesson =0.5 Marks
  • Meanings of the Difficult Words =
  • Explanation = 2 Marks
  • The explanation should be around 3/4 Page to full page

Q.4: Short Questions =10 Marks

  • 8 short questions are given and the students have to write answers for 5 questions each having 2 Marks
  • Hissa Nazam 5 short questions
  • Hissa Nazam 2 short questions
  • Hissa Ghazal 1 short questions

Q.5 : Lesson ka khulasa = 5 Marks

  • There are 2 lessons names and the students have to write a Khulasa of any ONE of them
  • Khulasa should be 1 page to 1-2 pages

Q.6: Nazam ka khulasa ya Markazi khayal = 5 Marks

  • Shayer ka name = 1 Marks
  • Khulasa = 4 Marks
  • There is no choice in this question you have to write Khulasa of ONE Poem given.

Q.7: Application or Letter = 10 Marks

  • There is no choice in this question. You can either write a letter or an application on the given topics
  • Your letter or application should be One Full Page to 1.5 Pages

Q.8: Story or Dilaogue= 5 Marks

  • This question has a choice too. You can write either a story on the given topic or a dialogue.
  • It should be 1-1.5 pages

Q.9: Complete the sentences or correct the Sentences = 5 Marks

  • There is a choice in this question: the student either completes the given sentences, usually the Zarb-ul-amsaal (Board Grammer pages 41-45)
  • Or they correct the sentences (board Grammer pages 33-35)
9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 View -Download
9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards 2024

Urdu Paper Pattern 9th Class 2024

The Punjab Board has released the Paper pattern for the 9th class syllabus. The students are informed to prepare by considering this scheme to get the maximum marks. You can get to know the paper pattern of the Urdu 9th class according to the Punjab board examination in 2024 from the following table :


Objective Type: Information
Total Marks 15
Time Allowed 20 Mnt
Total MCQs 15
1 MCQ’S No Each MCQ’S 1 of Mark
Subjective Type: Information
Total Marks 60
Total Questions 8
Time Allowed 02:10 mint

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

The 9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards 2024 specifies the pattern to be followed during the annual examinations of all the academic subjects. It provides complete insights into the necessary information, subject matter, and details of the exam. Through this information and details, students can prepare themselves properly as well as score good marks in the exams.9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards 2024.

Matric Part 1 Urdu Scheme 2024

If you are a student who is preparing for your exams according to the paring scheme, it is important to note that the paring scheme is changed each year. This means that you will need to clarify the paring scheme for each exam that you take. The best way to do this is to contact your professor or the department in charge of the exam. They will be able to give you the most up-to-date information on the paring scheme. If you follow any false or old paring scheme, it can adversely affect your preparation for the exams. It is always advisable to follow the latest scheme of the senior examination controller authorities. This is because the latest scheme would have been designed keeping in mind the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Hence, following the latest scheme would help you prepare in the best possible way for the exams.

Download the 9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme

A pairing scheme may be a good option for this type of student who weakens in some subjects. This type of scheme would allow the student to be paired with another student who is better able to handle the workload. This would help to ease the mental burden on the student who needs relaxation.

With the new school year just around the corner, students are preparing for the scheme of the 9th class. The scheme 9th class is a big change from the previous year, as it is the first year of high school. Students have a few months to prepare for the new challenges that they will face. During the scheme of the 9th class, students will be expected to work harder than ever before. They will need to be diligent in their studies and put in the extra effort to succeed. The 9th class is a critical year for students, as it sets the foundation for their future academic success.

9th Class Pairing Scheme Urdu 2024

The 9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme has been released by the government and students have a few months to prepare for it. Under the scheme, students will be paired with an Urdu-speaking partner to help them improve their language skills. The scheme is open to all students in 9th grade, regardless of their previous language learning experience.

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View Online 9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

The 9th class scheme is made for all type of student who faces difficulties understanding word by word. Following the pairing scheme, students can relax a little. They only need selective studies to appear in tests and solve complete works. Students can skip some lessons in the subject that are difficult for them. On this website, our team has presented the complete scheme of the online pairing of the standard 9th matriculation exam. The entire scheme is based on a very simple method. This will help students to achieve high marks in exams by taking some extra classes or studying more than usual.

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